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The train, trams and light rail wheel inspection and maintenance remove installation kit

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Special orbit of special tools

For the maintenance of transmission parts

Trolley - light rail train

All kinds of cone ball bearing, bearing the SP bearing assembly (TBU),

The wheel, axle sleeve ring, maze retaining ring, a built-in set of ring (NU - NJ bearing),

The wheel assembly, wheel axle box, disassembly and installation of brake pads and so on! 

100 car Lamar - remove the train wheels

The 100 ton of open width of 100 mm (currently the largest

open width),distance of 1225 mm, pull are interchangeable

two-thirds claw,can easily move, more auto centring feature,

is to remove the train wheels, toothed wheel, axle and

wheel axle box, brake pads the ideal tool to and so on.

● With ultra-high pressure pneumatic hydraulic pump

UHAP2800 Ultra using the ultrahigh pressure pneumatic

pump assembly at the same time, including accessories

system with pressure gauge,The output pressure of up to

2800 bar, the velocity can reach 0.75 L per minute,and

inlet pressure only 7 bar. 



100 tons of vehicular ball bearing disassembly, installation


● BETEX bearing special disassembling Lamar, it will

become easy disassembly and installation work!

● Remove and install conical ball bearing, the most

ideal tool!

● To remove the TBU Lamar and SP bearing assembly,

can be realized without damage and the repeated use

of the ideal!

* the Lamar can be easily moved and can be easily by a


* hydraulic output of 100 tons

* applicable power locomotive, the passenger locomotive

& freight locomotives

* height can be adjusted with the needs of the field 

Bearing heater

● Induction heating is an advanced and can control the

heating method can control the heating method, which

can avoid unnecessary damage to which artifacts, but

also significantly reduce the wastage of the workpiece.

● Advantages: safe, clean, energy-saving and efficient! 


Medium frequency induction heater (medium frequency

induction heater)

● A maze of retaining ring, NU, NJ bearing disassembly

and installation -BETEX intermediate-frequency heater

quickly the intermediate frequency heater designed for

metal artifacts disassembly and installation and the

safety of the elaborate design,solution without damage,

that makes the ideal of the artifact reuse, be realized.

Applicable artifacts:

* bearing, NU, NJ series

* thimble

* bushing

* maze retaining ring

● With the traditional torch heating and heat thimble

heating method, medium frequency induction heater 

is safe and fast heating technique,It can significantly

improve the transmission quality of the unit

 installation and maintenance work. 

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